About Dr. Beckman

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Dr. Beckman is a developmental and clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience in the field. She works with abled and disabled individuals, from infancy through adult years and conducts in-depth evaluations for many disabilities, including low incidence and multiple handicaps.

Dr. Beckman specializes in assistive technology evaluation and training based on psychological, educational, social, and leisure evaluations. For the school setting, she assists families in writing specific goals and recommendations that are research-based and data-driven. She facilitates collaboration between the family, private providers, and schools to obtain appropriate accommodations and remediation in inclusive settings.

With her developmental training, Dr. Beckman looks at behavior within the context of normal development. This means she ensures that what we’re asking the student to do is developmentally appropriate, asking: Does it make sense? Does the student have the same opportunities to learn as peers in a manner that will allow dignity, future growth, and productivity?

As the daughter of an inventor, Dr. Beckman grew up with the scientific method, first investigating existing research, then designing understandable, individualized solutions for diverse learners of all ages. She holds an M.A., and Ph.D. in both clinical and developmental psychology.

For Media inquiries, please call Dr. Beckman
at 847-446-1251
or email her at techpsych@techpsychologist.com