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My internship program is different (and still evolving). Most students with "special needs" spend so much time seeking special tutoring, spending extra time on homework, and trying to have some opportunities to be "regular kids" that they do not have time to seek internship, volunteering, and mentoring opportunities that they can use for college, other post-high school experiences, or "paying forward" good deeds.

This pilot program will combine learning individualized technology for access (such as text-to-speech), developing marketable skills, and "paying forward" your passions to mentor others. Everyone has something to share (even those who learn slowly and/or may never graduate from a traditional college), and my commitment is to collaborate with families to nurture passions in those who have been weighed down by barriers to full participation in their communities.

At this time, I am accepting applications from several student categories:

  1. Graduating seniors: Summer internship for a student who plans to attend college or junior college. Parent participation is strongly encouraged but not required
  2. High School senior-Parent team: Internship for those needing post-high school planning/support without immediate college plans
  3. High School sophomore or junior-Parent team where both parent and student participate in program. This internship is for those needing technology consultation and support for study skills training.
  4. Eighth or ninth grade student-parent team where both parent and student will receive training on using and preparing text-to-speech assistive technology.
  5. In the future, younger student-parent teams may be invited to apply.

For more information and application materials, please email Dr. Beckman at techpsych@techpsychologist.com

Please come back soon. My first intern deferred his start until he could complete his academic work.


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How can we improve a student’s ability to learn from the books and other print media? How can those who struggle with writing become masters at creating written works?  Tech Psychologist’s Guide integrates the latest technology information and strategies for finding the right tools in a way that every family and every individual can understand. This guide is the first book to bring technology tools and strategies to individuals and their parents. Since accessing and acquiring knowledge in school is a major barrier for those with disabilities, this book features technology strategies for curricula and an approach to making learning accessible for students with a wide range of disabilities. Beckman’s emphasis on using practical tools combined with a logical strategy to determining the right solutions helps families bring about educational success by teaching you ways to ask, Does It Make Sense?

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