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Q: What is assistive technology?

A:  Assistive technology (learning technology) is any software, hardware, piece of equipment, system,  regardless of whether it is modified, customized, or "off the shelf," that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a person.  Eyeglasses are an everyday example of assistive technology for many individuals, but for those with disabilities, assistive technology can make the difference between continued dependence and achieving independence.

Q: When should a student begin using assistive technology?

A: As soon as the person is identified as having a disability.  Technology is necessary in order to have appropriate access to the regular curriculum and/or work environment.  For example, even preschoolers who are identified as having difficulties with phonemic awareness or other pre-reading difficulties can benefit from multisensory computerized text to speech programs like Kurzweil3000 or using books on tape with traditional books.

  • Q: I’ve heard there is technology where you can dictate to the computer instead of writing.  Can this help my child?

    A: Yes, voice recognition technology has been found, with appropriately accommodated training, to be effective for children with dyslexia and/or writing difficulties as young as age nine.

    Q: I already have a current comprehensive evaluation.  Can Dr. Beckman help me without re-doing the evaluation?

    A: Yes, Dr. Beckman can provide you with a technology evaluation utilizing tools including your current comprehensive evaluation.  If you need a full independent evaluation, Dr. Beckman can provide both your comprehensive evaluation and your technology evaluation.

    Q: My school has said that my child should learn how to read textbooks “the regular way.”  How can I convince them that my child needs technology to access the regular curriculum right away as well as special reading help (remediation)?

    A: Dr. Beckman will help you determine what technology is appropriate in order to access the regular curriculum and write specific measurable recommendations and goals to insure progress.  She will accompany you to IEP meetings and rigorously advocate for both appropriate remediation and accommodations (including technology) for your child.

    Q: My child was recently identified as having a learning disability (LD). I realize now that I also have similar learning issues.  Is there technology that will help me be more productive at work?

    A: Yes, Dr. Beckman can provide both family members with assistive technology that is individualized for each person’s needs.

    Q: How to I learn more?

    A: You may contact Dr. Beckman by telephone (847-446-1251) or by email (


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